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Page 3- Online Pictorial Tour
Maa Bala Sundri Ji Devi Shaktipeeth Temple
(Trilokpur, Nahan, Distt Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh)


-:: The Pictorial Online Tour- Page 3::-

The 2 Dwarpals situtated on the western wall of main Maa Balasundri Mata Mandir.

On the Northern wall outside the main mandir is the Maa Kali Murti

On the Eastern wall outside the main temple room is the Mata Mansa Devi Murti Established. Earliar the old murti being established can also be seen below the bigger murti.

In the varandah, on the eastern side of the main temple room are 6 murti's established as below.

Lord Ganesh Ji

Maa Durga

Shri Hanuman Ji

Mandir Shri Santoshi Mata

Shri Shiv Parivar

Mandir Shri Bhairav Nath Ji. It is said that Mahadev deputed Shri Bhairav Nath Ji for the protection near every Shaktipeeth of Maa Sati.

Towards the Southern Side is the room where Maa's Singh is established.

Alongside is the hawan room and a man playing nagada most of the times.

This is the South facing door of the main temple room of Maa. Try to get a glimpse of the inside room from here itself as cameras are not allowed inside.

After closing the temple main room western side gate.

The temple main compound gate outside. Picture showing the main pujari of mandir at the time we visited.

Alongside in the temple compound has a small terrace where you can go and see the scenaries.

A generator for uninterrupted power supply and the the Mundan Sansakar Kaksh.

After you come out of the temple compound, enjoy the langar at the lower levels in front of the dharamsala.

Darshan inside the main Room.

Jai Kara Hai Mata Bala Sundri Ji Ka!

Bol Saache Darbar Ki Jai!

-End pictorial Tour-

Hope you liked the effort. There are lots of spiritual/ religious places every one in this world cannot afford to visit in one life. We tried to give the online tour of some so that you can atleast do a tour online. Online tours are in no comparison to visiting these places yourself, so do try to visit atleast once.

Jai Maa!

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Thanks to Shri R.K.Sharma, Chandigarh, for inviting us for the coverage of this great place.



atul bansal ambala: thank for darshan

dr rajni, mohali  : many many thanks for darashan jai mata di 

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