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How to reach Maa Tripurmalini Devi | Devi Talab Temple
Jallandhar, Punjab

By Road

If you travel by road from Delhi to Shri Devi Talab Mandir situated in Jalandhar city, it should take you approximately 7 hours to reach the temple. non- stop driving at an average speed.


Route Map from Delhi to Devi Talab Mandir, Jalandhar

jalandhar road

Approaching Jallandhar City Driving from Delhi on the main GT road, you will cross through the major stations of Sonipat- Panipat- Karnal-Kurukshetra-Ambala-Ludhiana- Phagwara and then Jallandhar. Reaching the entry point of the city Jallandhar, as shown in the map above, do not enter the city but take a right highway towards Pathankot as shown below.

Take a right from here.

main road
After travelling a few miles on ths main highway.

direction towards jalandhar, amritsar, pathankot

Through ByPass turn left as shown in the direction map.

arrow showing direction towards maa tripurmalini

Above is Tri Junction of (Jalandhar-Amritsar-Pathankot roads)

towards devi talab mandir in jalandhar
After some distance from Devi Talab, there is railway station at the left side of the road and other mandir known as Shri Sodal Mandir and industrial area in jalandhar.


devi talab-outer region

This is Devi Talab Mandir shown from outside. The first gate towards right side is for entry to vehicles on non busy days. There is another gate further for the entry by walking. You can take the prasad from inside the temple itself.

parking area

This the Parking area inside the mandir. However it could be closed on rush times/ festivals etc. However for regular days you can easily get your car/ bike in and get a parking.

By Train

The Jallandhar City railway station is just 2.4 kilometers from this shrine and there are several trains that connect to Jallandhar. Below are the main trains to and from Jallandhar. Please note that Jallandhar has 2 main train stations, one is Jallandhar city railway station and another is Jallandhar Cant railway station. Jallandhar City railway station is the one which is more close to the temple.

Train name (no.) passing via
Jalandhar City
Jalianwala B Express (18104)
Asr Jp Express (19782)
Jp Asr Express (19781)
Jaipur Asr Express (19771)
Garib Rath Express (12203)
Akal Takhat Express (12318)
Jat Ned Special (02422)
Kir Asr Express (15707)
Asr Indb Express (19326)
Asr Ned Express (12716)
Amritsar Express (11057)
Cdg Asr Inaugra (02411)
Asr Kcvl Express (12484)
Hyb Jat Special (07021)
Shaheed Express (14674)
Paschim Express (12925)
Juc Ndls Express (14682)
Asr Ned Superfast Express (12422)
Amritsar Express (12483)
Dbrg Asr Express (15933)
Ndls Juc Express (14681)
Asr Ddn Express (14632)
Ddn Asr Express (14631)
Asr Hw Jnshtbdi (12054)
Hw Asr Jnshtbdi (12053)
Chhatisgarh Express (18238)
Amritsar Shatabdi (12031)
Amritsar Shatabdi (12032)
Jat Hyb Special (07022)
Ptk Dli Express (14038)
Jalianwala B Express (18103)
Ned Jat Special (02421)
Asr Ndls Express (12460)
Shane Punjab (12498)
Shaheed Express (14673)
Jammu Mail (14034)
Jammu Mail (14033)
Asr Ltt Express (11058)
Ind Amritsar Express (19325)
Ajmer Asr Express (19611)
Swarna Shatabdi (12030)
Swarna Shatabdi (12029)
Amritsar Shatabdi (12014)
Amritsar Shatabdi (12013)
Chattisgarh Express (18237)
Asr Aii Express (19614)
Amritsar Mail (13005)
Goldentemple Ml (12903)
Janmabhoomi Express (19108)
Asr Cdg Superfast (12242)
Cdg Asr Superfast (12241)
Cnb Asr Express (14153)
Ajmer Asr Express (19613)
Indb Jat Superfast Special (09307)
Tata Jat Express (18101)
Ned Asr Superfast Express (12421)
Rou Muri Jat Express (18109)
Hirakund Express (18508)
Jat Durg Express (18216)
Akal Takht Express (12317)
Asr Cnb Express (14154)
Jat Muri Rou Express (18110)
Janmabhoomi Express (19107)
Garib Rath Express (14606)
Adi Jat Express (19223)
Jalianwalab Express (12379)
Jalianwala B Express (12380)
Jat Adi Express (19224)
Asr Kir Express (15708)
Asr Ajmer Express (19612)
Fzr Kir Special (05718)
Saryuyamuna Express (14650)
Shc Garib Rath (12204)
Vskp Asr Hkg Express (18507)
Panchvalley Pa (59386)
Intercity Express (12412)
Intercity Express (12411)
Amritsar Express (13049)
Asr Dbrg Express (15934)
Jammu Mail (24034)
Jammu Mail (24033)
Dli Ptk Express (14037)
Asr Hwh Express (13050)
Paschim Express (12926)
Durgiana Express (12357)
Asr Hwh Mail (13006)
Sachkhand Express (12715)
Durg Jat Express (18215)
Garib Rath Express (14605)
Saryu Yamuna Express (14649)
Shane Punjab (12497)
Ndlsasr Express (12459)
Jat Bti Express (19226)
Bti Jat Express (19225)
Asr Koaa Superfast Express (12358)
Goldn Temple Ml (12904)

By Air

There are 2 airports which are close to Jallandhar which are connected through domestic flights frequently.

Amritsar - 80Km from Jallandhar

Chandigarh - 152 Km from Jallandhar

From both the cities, there is ample bus service to Jallandhar. You can even get Volvo/ Mercedes Luxury coaches plying from these cities.

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