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Shakti Peethas | Shakti Peeth Temples | Maa Sati Temples

The story or the legend originates from the place where Maa Sati (the first incarnation of Maa Aadi Shakti) burnt herself in the hawan kund during the hawan done by HER father Prajapathi Daksh. This place is known as the Sati Kund Kankhal, Haridwar. There after Mahadev/ Lord Shiva took her abode on HIS shoulders and started wandering in the himalayas. It was then that Lord Vishnu cut Maa Sati's Abode into 51 parts with His Sudarshan Chakra to relieve Lord Shiva from the immence grief and all the places where Maa Sati's Ang/ parts had fallen, were discovered by Mahadev and established (sthapit) as Shakti Peethas in the world. Read the complete legend of Maa Sati/ Shakti Peethas.

Maa Sati Temple, Kankhal, Haridwar

About the Shakti Peetas, it is said as per the anciant books that there are 51 Shakti Peethas in this world, however the based on information from different sources collected we could collect 52 Sati Temples. It could be that out of the 52 mentioned below, one of them is not an exact Sati Sthaan, but it definitely is worth visiting and worshipping. We do not know for sure which one of the 52 below is not an actual Sati Sthan, however we are made to be sure that out of these 52, 51 are definitely Maa Sati's Shakti Peethas.

  Shakti Peethas / Shakti Peeth Temples Fallen Ang/ Part of Body Place Image
1 Nayan/Nain Himachal Pradesh, India  
Mata Chamunda Devi
  Himachal Pradesh, India  
3 Maha Jeevha Himachal Pradesh, India  
Mata Vajreshwari Devi/ Maa Kangra Devi/ Nagarkot Dham
Dharh Himachal Pradesh, India  
5 Charan/ Foot Himachal Pradesh, India  
6 Maa Tripurmalini Devi Baam Ang Inside Devi Talab Mandir, Jallandhar, Punjab, India  
7 Mastishk Agra Bhaag Himachal Pradesh, India  
  Mata Kali Devi Dayan Paanv Anguliyan/ Right Foot Fingers Kolkata, India  
  Mata Hinglaj Devi Haath/ Hand    
  Maa Jayanti Devi Jangha    
  Mata Kamakhya Devi Kokh Assam, India  
Mata Kalika Devi
  Himachal Pradesh, India, (close to Shimla)  
  Mata Bhadrakali Right Ankle Kurukshtra, Haryana, India  
  Sheesh Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh, India  

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