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Welcome to 3 marg/ path (bhakti, gyan and karma) to reach the answer to the biggest question, i.e. What?

See online yatras, pictorial tours with lots of images/ photos and information of the various holy places with spiritual powers and history. In addition, you can also use this site to write your spiritual content for free and read others, we will search engine optimize it for you, free.

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Shri Salasar Balaji Maharaj Pauri wala- Shiv Lingam Pauri wala- Shiv Lingam

Mata Shakumbhari Devi Temple

Maa Chintpurni Devi Ji Amarnath Ji Yatra


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What is 3 Marg?

They say, there are 3 ways to reach God i.e. Bhakti, Gyan and Karma. MARG, a sanskrit word meaning path or way. This site explores these 3 margs.

Classifying the type of people having a spiritual intent, there are 3 categories they follow to reach God.

  1. The Gyan Marg: A man has a quest to find the answers! A desire to find the the reason of everything. Like the reason for his birth, his being, birth and death of all, what is 'THIS' and what is 'THAT' and so on. The desire to have the knowledge what is God and what is 'what'? The path he is on is the 'gyan' marg. On this path he tries and evaluates the reason of all through gyan/ knowledge and logical reasoning out, some people even call it 'tatva gyan' in hindi.

  2. The Bhakti Marg: You do not know nothing and you don't care about it too about what is this and what is that but you believe in Him, the Ultimate whom you crave for, for his shelter, for his acceptance and all. You do not have the brains and know no reason Or you do not wish to apply your brains to find the endless reasons to endless things and questions in this world, but you wish to cry for him, you wish to sing for him, and you wish to submit yourself to HIM, you are on Bhakti Marg then.

  3. The Karma Marg: You do not feel anything from within and you cannot submit for no defined reason and you do not have the Gyan what is 'What'. But you get up everyday in the morning and do Pooja/ Prayer as a routine for there is nothing you can think off and can rely blindly. When you dedicate everything you do, is done by HIM and you took birth to perform your duties according to his wish. You are on the Karma Marg.

There is even a constituent of all 3 in different proportions to get to the 'paramdham' (the ultimate destination) when one wishes/ desires(bhavana), thinks/ plans to apply knowledge (gyan) and performs actions(karma) towards the almighty or to reach the Eternal Truth. For if all did not mean anything to you, you can just do any one or all 3 for a good cause for all 3 margs-Sadhbhavana, Sadhgyan and Sadhkarma.

A little analysis I did on the Gyan marg to find the answer to the biggest question, what!

What is the biggest Truth? Or according to you, what is the biggest question to your knowledge? And what is the biggest answer/ biggest truth.

After thinking over for years, the answer always kept changing until finally I decided to make this website when my answers rests on the fact that, "What" (just... what) is the biggest Question and the answer to it I could think of is, "is". The thought process is on and I now think I should get along with every one to help everyone reach the peak. Read more about 'isness'



Anju Bhatia
Faridabad: the kartik mahatmya book is not opening from 30 page onwards i will be very grateful i u can upload properly rest of the pages of this book. thanks a lot. jai shri krishna.
Admin: thanks for letting us know. Error is rectified now. We will also create a contact us form on 3marg now for urgent contact for issues like this. Please keep visiting this website and help us grow our confidence. Jai Shri krishna!

baba murad shah ji nakodar: Jai baba murad shah ji

Vipul (Jaipur-India): me parampita parmeshwar ka pyara sa beta hu aur mujhe bhajan pasand hai

Saumya-New Delhi: hay....this is amazing site where we can really get to know that how to reach towards the god. I love this site forever.

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