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Isness: The biggest truth, the biggest answer and travelling on GYAN marg to realize it!

In childhood, once my mother told me that the biggest truth she knew was "Death", reasoning everything that took birth was evitable and had to die, be it sooner or later, however it was sure that it had to die one day. Even when God Vishnu took took birth, he took birth and had to die one day. However thinking upon over and over again, over the past years, it bothered me with the fact that how can something be the biggest truth till the time its existence is based on another thing, i.e. Birth. Meaning, death is possible only if birth takes place. Hence Death cannot be the biggest truth, so is it Birth? No, Birth is not certain itself. We are not sure if anything would take birth for sure or not. Species have got extinct in the past and few species are getting extinct, it could be that there is no birth tomorrow, or if it will be, it could be of something else. It had to be something else which is independent of birth or death. Something further than species upon which not even the birth of any species including human kind rests but also the birth or death of stars and sun. Scientists claim that one day, even the sun of our solar system will get extinct(die). Then what? There has to be a bigger truth than life, death, sun, solar system or for that matter this milky way.

The thought process kept going on as I kept living on my life over the days and years as another day 'Maa' put the thought in me that there is one thing which is moving, and which is witnessing everything, be it life or death, be it the existence of anything like species, Sun, stars, Universe and so on.. if the existence of anything living or dead is noticed over any number of years, it has to be over some particular time, be it which ever unit we measure. Time is the biggest. And time, time itself is a change, it itself is nothing if it does not change. We call it time when we refer to its movement. Like someone died on so and so date. We got independence on so and so date, he graduated on so and so date. Time keeps changing. And there is no change noted if there is time does not move. If TIME stops, nothing happens, no death, no birth, no solar system no nothing. We or anyone cannot NOTE anything at all if time does not change. Think for a moment, if the time stops, will the brain move, no, will a petal from the tree fall down to earth. It is TIMELINE on which all actions of all LIVING and NON LIVING things rest. Well then if time stops and nothing changes, you don't feel anything, because we feel something, only when the time moves from second 1 to 2. We see something when time moves from second 2 to 3. Though there is just one fact left challenging the quote that things which are in whatever state, remain in that state only. They donot change but they are or could be present. It is this isness which which again challenges the timeline to be the biggest.

On the other hand, let us think if timeline is the biggest of all upon which the truth of all things living and non living rests. Do we know from where did it start and till what time it will go on. We have a life span of around less than 100 years, so cant even think of the limit after the age sun and all other stars and this universe. Think for a moment if you wish to find the biggest answer, the biggest truth, and you know you are about to die soon, will you be able to reach to a conclusion by exploring outwards. We are sure, there is a truth or for that matter, if God/ Nature created us, it would have definitely left us one way out to find the real answer, be it whatever, but there has to be one, or if there is no truth, then there is nothing. So if there is an answer, it has to be somewhere in the middle not to the end of the timeline(which we concluded to be the biggest, until now) and not the beginning of the timeline. It has to be now. NOW! Or to define now is the existence of everything in between the second that got past right now to the new second we entered. The isness that lies in between. Everything that is in between the going time and the coming time. Past is past and has a value only if our memory works, if the memory or storage devices do not exist, past is not certain. The coming Future does not need much explanation as to whether it is going to come for sure or not. So what we can be sure of is 'IS'. So if there is something we can reply on the most, it is this isness. And if there is nothing then there is nothing, nothing at all.


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