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  • How to be Happy?- Nitin
    This one question has baffled humans throughout history! For thousands of years billions of us have been looking for happiness and yet it eludes us. Why is happiness so elusive? The answer is so simple that when I first discovered it I could not believe it!
  • Learn, Grow and Improve- Nitin
    The shortcut to self improvement. Stop making excuses and accept responsibility: “Yes, I made a mistake but I want to change”. Those who say: I know everything, are already Dead!”
  • Need Vs Greed- Nitin
    There are two ways to approach anything in life: through need or through greed. This applies to all things, for example: money and objects that money can buy, relationships, career/work, food and other sense pleasures, spirituality, etc. Here’s the thing about greed: it’s unending and hence a life lived through greed can never lead to any kind of satisfaction. And satisfaction is a must in order to find lasting peace and happiness. The happiness that a greed based life brings in only temporary; it lasts only for a short while i.e. until your greed starts disturbing you once more!
  • Sticky Things- Nitin
    How does a dream/movie keep us engaged? By presenting things within it that we find enticing and interesting. If we were disinterested we would wake-up/walk-out. The same applies to Life and Maya!
  • Dharma, Karma, Jnana and Bhakti -Nitin: Let us begin with Bhakti. What is Bhakti? Bhakti is unconditional love for GOD. But then Bhakti towards which God...
  • Reality -Jacki: The journey in itself has its own rewards.
    Gary Zukav said, Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we ...

  • Happiness I -Nitin: Everything we do, we do for happiness. Think about it.
    Why do you want to succeed in your career? Why do you....
  • Happiness II - Nitin
  • Purpose of Human Life- Nitin
  • Assume -Nitin: It's a Sunday afternoon, it is raining outside hence you have decided to stay at home. You decide to order some Domino's Pizza! You note the time while..
  • Significance of No. 108 -Anonymous
  • the art of living- Quotes and Proverbs -Pooja
  • The importance of Dhoti

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How to be happy? -Nitin
Need Vs Greed- Nitin
Significance of No.108
Purpose of Human Life-Nitin
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