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Assume - By Nitin

It's a Sunday afternoon, it is raining outside hence you have decided to stay at home. You decide to order some Domino's Pizza! You note the time while placing the order and hope that he takes more than 30 minutes to arrive so that you may get a discount lol! Sadly though the pizza delivery boy rings your doorbell right on time! You open the door, greet him, collect the pizza, ask for some extra oregano, pay him and he is gone. This interaction last about 30 seconds.

My question is this: How do you know the delivery boy, let's call him Ramu, existed before you opened the door? How do you know he will continue to exist even after you have closed the door?? You don't! You simply assume he does!!! 99% of life is made out of assumptions! Even this moment you are assuming that there is a Nitin who exists somewhere who typed these words out on a laptop. But can you ever be sure that Nitin actually exists??

Let us take one more example, more closer to home, your mother is sitting in the living room while you are in the bedroom. You cannot see or hear her, so then how do you know she exists? You don't .... you simply assume she does :)

And finally one example that I love dearly, when you go to bed, you see your alarm clock next to you (it reads 11 PM) and your ceiling fan on top of you. Then you fall off to sleep. When you wake up you once again find your alarm clock (now it reads 6 AM) and ceiling fan exactly where you had last seen them. How do you know that's where they were all night?? You don't! You simply assume!

Now apply the same to other things: how do you know your house continued to exist while you were asleep? How do you know the world continued to exist while you were asleep? You can never know, you simply ... say it with me ... ASSUME! So then, what does assume do? It makes an ass of u and me ("ass u me")! lol! That my dear friends is how the so called Maya works, how the illusion is created and sustained. You don't need to believe me, you can see for yourself!


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