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Mata Jwala Ji Temple | Maa Jwalaji Temple | Maa Jwala Devi Temple
(Jwalaji, Tehsil: Dehra Gopipur, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh)

|| Om Shri Ganeshay Namah ||

Maa Jwala Ji

At the auspicious place of Maa Jwalaji Temple, Maa Bhagwati is present in the form of a paawan Jyoti instead of the regular form of Pindi as other Shaktipeethas. In the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, amidst the mountains, in the beautiful Kangra Valley, is the famous Jwalaji Temple. A place where you could like to reside forever. It is over here, that Maa's paawan Jyoti lights up naturally through the natural rock walls adjacent to the mountains and worshipped in the form of 9 Jyotis. The Jyoti can be seen at various places in Maa Jwala Ji Temple and it is constantly running over the past many decades. A profound belief is that just with the darshan of Maa Jwala, your wishes get fulfilled and you can get Moksha too. Visiting this teerth sthan (pilgrimage) sets you off pain and sins. People believe in taking the flame from these auspicious jyoti's to their places and get mundan's of their children done at this temple.

Mata JwalaJi is one amongst the major Maa Bhagwati Temples and Shaktipeeth Temples in the world. It is considered amongst the 7 major of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Maa Sati and also a part of Nau Devi Darshan in North India. This is the place where Maa Sati's Tongue had fallen. Maa Jwala ji is also referred to as Mata Jvala Ji and Mata Jwala Mukhi Ji. This place is also referred as Maa Dhuma Devi's sthan

9 Jyoti's Jwalaji

After entering the main room, in front, across the wall opposite, is the Jyoti which is constantly running and is considered to be Maa Kali's Jyoti Darshan. It is considered a complete Brahma Jyoti (Poorna Brahma Jyoti) in covered by a Silver Aalay(silver case). Alongside there are 8 other forms of Jwala Jyotis in this temple room. See all the auspicious Nine swaroop of Jwala Jyotis at Maa Jwala Ji Temple.

Outside the main temple room, a few steps up is the Gorakh Dibbi at Jwala Ji or the Rudra Kund. This is the place where Guru Gorakh Nath Ji had worshipped Maa Bhagwati. Maa Anjana Jwala Ji Jyoti Darshan is present at this kund.

History/ Legend of Mata Jwalaji

In the Satyug Era, Samrat Bhumi Chandra dreamt of Maa Bhagwati's Tongue falling at this place. Though after being unable to find the Pindi in this region, they made Maa Jwalaji's Mandir at a place where a Gwala informed the king that there is a constant Jyoti running. They considered it a form of Maa Bhagwati and lit in for form of Jwala. After making the temple at the Jyoti place, the King summoned 2 pandits of Bhochak Jaati from Shak Dweep and gave them the responsibility of this temple. The 2 pandits were Pdt Shridhar and Pdt Kamla Pati. Later on even the Pandavas visited this mandir and prayed and this great place. However, there is one more legend of Jwalaji Temple and also the story of King Akbar of the Mughal Dynasty who tried to test the powers of Maa Jwala. Read All Legends of Maa Jwalaji Temple.

Different ways of worshipping Mata Jwala Devi

There are mainly 3 ways of doing Mata Jwala Devi's Pooja Archana, i.e. Panchopchal, Dashopchal and Sholshobchal. Similarly there are 5 different Jwalaji Aartis done of Mata Jwala Ji

  1. Shringar Aarti- Shringar Arti is done early mornings at Brahma Mahurat time. In this aarti, Malpua, Khoya and Mishri are offered to Maa Jwala.
  2. Mangal Aarti- This aarti is done after around half an hour difference to the first one. In this aarti, yellow rice and curd is offered to Maa Bhagwati.
  3. Madhyayan Kaal Aarti- This is performed in the afternoon(Madhyayan Kaal). In this, rice, Shatras Dal and sweet/ desert is offered to Maa.
  4. Sayan Kaal Aarti- This is, as the name suggests, performed in the evenings. In this aarti, Poori, Chana and Halwa is offered to the Jagad Janani.
  5. Shaiyya Aarti- As the name suggests, it is the bedtime aarti of Maa, before the pandits offer the last prayers in the late evening of the day and prepare Maa's bed to sleep. This aarti starts around 9:00 PM in the evening. Milk, Malai and seasonal fruits are offered to Maa Jwala.

General information of the Jwalaji Temple Area

The Bhawan area is around a kilometer area in the valley. It is a busy place most parts of the year with tourists from all across India, specially North India, visiting this place regularly. Maa Jwalaji is a place for many to get their children's mundan too. Once up at the Bhawan area, you will find lots of hotels and Dharamsalas for a comfortable stay. Dhabas and small hotels serving mostly north Indian food. The temple experiences a huge amount of rush in the festive season of Navratras, though otherwise you can get awesome Darshan and also get special prayer done for a minute or two. Read more about the general information of the region of Jwalaji.

Festivals and Rush times at Maa Jwalaji

There is a huge rush in this area with lakhs of devotees during the times of Chaitra Aswin Navratras and Shrawan Months from Delhi, Punjab, Himachal and other parts of India. Though otherwise, in the changing trends of modern followers, devotees from north India, specially Delhi, Punjab visit this place regularly on weekends. The locals prefer to visit mainly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How to Reach Maa Jwalaji Temple in Himachal

Jwalaji is located in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh and from Kangra main bus stand to Jwala ji, it is around 2 hours of drive through a beautiful scenic road. There is a bus after every approx half hour.

After reaching the Jwalaji Mandir area/ bus stand. Park your car close to the bus stand next to the main road. (Though the parking is available far off during festival seasons of Jwalaji). Walking from the bus stand, there is one main path to this temple, though other small distributaries can also be found from down the road. The main staircase is around 20 ft wide with Prasad Shops on both sides leading you to the main gate of the temple compound. You have a main security check at the beginning of the temple compound. Just after entering the main gate of the temple compound, is a stand of Maa's Charan Paduka in white marble for you to bow your head to. This is in the open verandah.

If you are visiting Maa Jwalaji after Maa Chintpurni Devi, it is instructed by the pandits that you do not carry the Halwa prasad from Maa Chintpurni Devi to Maa Jwala Devi.

Read the complete information on how to reach Maa Jwala Devi in Himachal through various modes and various places.

Jai Jwala Maa, Jai Jwala Maa |
Mann Mera Boley Jwala Maa ||

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Neelakshi singh Khangarot...- Jaipur (Raj.): Good Job Guyzz...
May Mahamaai bless u..
i want to know why devotte's cant cross Bias river with  Maa chintpurni's Halwa prasad..????
Plzz Reply me fast...
Jai mata di
Admin: thanks for the blessings from Maa. For the answer, I am afraid, I have not heard of the reason till now. There could be a story behind the same as well. Will try to get the reason in near future. If anyone else knows, kindly let us all know. Jai Maa!

banti singh begusarai bihar bharat: ye hamare dharam ki jawala hai jo sadiyo se aaj tak bujhi nahi. 'this is the great history of hindu &hindu dharam. our maaa realy protect all people like a child,,who belive&love maa

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Navigation Maa Jwala Ji Section
Main Page Jwala Devi
Online Yatra: Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
How to Reach Mata JwalaJi Temple
Temple Timings
Legend of Jwalaji Temple | Dhyanu Bhakt & Akbar history of Maa Jwala
General Information about Jwalaji region
Aarti: Mangal Aarti | Shringar Aarti
9 Jwala Jyotis at Jwala Devi Temple
Gorakh Dibbi
Famous destinations around: Mata Chintpurni Ji, Mata Kangra Ji

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