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Shaktipeeth Maa Tripurmalini Devi Mandir | Devi Talab Temple
Jalandhar, Punjab

माँ त्रिपुरमालिनी देवी- देवी तलाब मंदिर

Shri Devi Talab Mandir

One of the most unsung Shaktipeethas of the North India is Maa Tripurmalini Devi Shakti Peetha. After talking to many, even if people know this temple, it is through the whole temple/ complex called Devi Talab Mandir which infact otherwise is a very famous temple of Punjab/ North India and just its name is enough for directions on road from kilometers far away. Maa Tripur Malini's temple is a small dedicated and independent room/ temple in the whole Devi Talab temple compound. Maa Tripurmalini Devi See how to reach Shri Devi Talab Temple.

In the parikrama of the main Maa Bhagwati's Temple which is in the center of the lake. Entering the complex is mesmerizing seeing the center mandir with Golden roof and lake around all 4 sides and then different other temples on the periferal area.

Upon gathering information, the pond/ lake is considered to be a sacred lake for around 200 years too. Hence we will give you an online pilgrimage/ information for the whole temple, Devi Talab Mandir with a special focus on Maa Tripurmalini Temple.

Situated in the Jallandhar city of Punjab, towards the northern side and just a kilometer away from the railway station, this whole temple complex is vast and beautiful to admire. It goes a saying that few years ago when the locals who used to gather here for Maa Bhagwati's Kirtan, the committee expressed their interest to build up the temple with gold and the donors then and there itself started donating in large amounts of money and gold. By the end of the organized Kirtan, Maa's devotees donated a pillow cover size full of gold after taking off their gold ornaments etc. The ladies took off their gold bangles, ear rings necklaces etc for donation. Such is the donation levels of Punjab and the devotees of Maa Bhagwati. Since then, there are regular donations given to the temple and it has taken the temple to new heights of religious and social welfare activities and setting examples and inspiration for others.

Now the temple has a Gow Shala/ Goshala (protective shelters for cow), a medical dispensary, a school and more ..


About the whole Devi Talab Mandir Complex

click to see enlarged image- Devi Talab Mandir centerUpon entrance one sees the awe-inspiring Gold covered domb of the temple at a far off distance, situated in the center of the beautiful and vast lake which stops you to admire for a while at least. This is the main temple covered with gold in the center of the whole complex and surrounded by lake on all sides. With much of clear sky giving a backdrop to the top of temple, makes it look uncomparable at both day and night times. The best are however the times of twilight where the whole environment turns so serene that it is bound to bring a relaxing smile to your face. Getting close to the lake, you can spot big fishes in the still water. After the parikrama of the whole temple, sit in the calm temple compound next to the lake to admire the beauty of this temple cum tourist spot. In the corners of the lakes, you will see various beautiful and big idols of the various Indian Deities, including Shri Krishna, Gauri-Shankar and Maa Gayatri.

In the center of the lake, a beautiful passage of around 12 feet wide properly lit and covered for shelter with fans/ pilgrims, takes you to the main Maa Bhagwati main temple where there are 3 main idols of Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati. Further around the lake, starting anticlock wise is the main Siddh Shaktipeeth Maa Tripurmalini Devi Dham/ Temple in the southern side of the complex followed by Maa Kaali Temple, Shri Hemgiri Ji Maharaj Samadhi, Shri Ram Darbar, Hanumanji Big idol and mock ups of other famous pilgrimages of Maa Vaishno Devi Cave and Shri Amarnath ji Cave (see original Amarnath Yatra full pilgrimage here) and alongside in the a fantabulous Parikrama you see a ray of temples in the whole parikrama. Behind this layer of temples, is the ashram/ rooms for the visitors for temporary stay. The whole periferal area is a walking distance of around 400 meters approximately (with the visits inside the temples excluded). And all of the compound path covered with marble. The temple has decent arrangements for the pilgrims including, small parking area, drinking water, rooms for short stay etc. See the entire pilgrimage of this temple including visits to all temple insides in sequence with lots of pictures, including Maa Tripurmalini Devi's shrine as well.

On the pilgrimage shown in this section, start from outside Jallandhar or jump directly to the various main section.

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How To Reach the temple

Devi Talab temple complex

Main Maa Bhagwati Golden Temple

Maa Tripurmalini Devi Dham

Kaali Maa Temple

Swami Hemgiri Ji Samadhi

Shri Ram Darbar

Maa Vaishno Devi Gufa idol

Shri Amarnath Cave Mock up

Dharamsala/ Office /Goshala

Popularity and Activities of the Temple

The temple is very famous till far off places for its beauty and the religious programes it organizes including Jagratas from famous singers, Mass gathering Jhankis etc. It experiences a huge amount of visits from far off distances along with the locals specially during the times of Navratras twice an year. The temple organizes the a big jalsa/ juloos with many jhankis at the time of Ram Navmi. At this time, famous punjabi folk singers are also invited to perform.

Punjabis are known to be big donators, so it was not difficult to raise parts of the temple in gold! And the rest of the temple is under constant upgradations till now. As per 2014, there are 2 major gates being made now with beautiful carving work to add on to the beauty further.

Goshala, Dharamsala and Dispensary

The temple has its self run Goshala, Cow shelter for hundreds of cows, both milk giving and non milk giving. There are various donators who visit this Goshala to serve these cows of different kinds. As per the temple officials the temple also runs a dharamshala and dispensary at no/ low costs for the benefits of all and specially the needy.


Jai Maa Tripurmalini

Maa Tripurmalini Devi- Devi Talaab Mandir





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