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Nau Deviyan of the North India (9 Devis Darshan of North)

  Shiva Temple/ Shiv Mandir/ Shiva Pilgrimage Place Image
Mata Vaishno Devi
Katra, Jammu & Kashmir, India  
Mata Chamunda Devi
Himachal Pradesh, India  
3 Himachal Pradesh, India  
Mata Vajreshwari Devi/ Maa Kangra Devi/ Nagarkot Dham
Himachal Pradesh, India  
5 Himachal Pradesh, India  
6 Himachal Pradesh, India  
7 Himachal Pradesh, India  
Mata Kalika Devi
Himachal Pradesh, India, (close to Shimla)  
Mata Shakumbhari Devi
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh, India  


Admin: Often people have thoughts about a particular path to be followed to visit the Nau Deviyan of the North, or which Devi should be visited first and which next. We at 3 marg believe that it is all in the heart and in your piousness. All mothers are equal and it should not be an issue which one you visit first and which last. No Maa should mind if you visit her next to the other. At times people staying close to one Shaktipeetha visit that same every time and never get chance to visit the all others. Rather people visit Maa based on where they are located. Visit Google Maps to look for directions from one destination to another. As per your location, Amritsar, you should ideally go as per below sequence or complete the reverse for less distance travelled.

  • Mata Vaishno Devi
  • Mata Chamunda Devi
  • Mata Kangra Devi
  • Mata Jwalaji
  • Mata Chintpurni Devi
  • Mata Naina Devi
  • Mata Kalika Devi
  • Mata Shakumbhari Devi
  • Mata Mansa Devi

Image courtesy Google Maps

For better understanding, we also tried to build up a route on Google Maps for you. Kindly visit and type all destinations to make the map yourself and see if you can find a better route. You should also consult people who have travelled on these routes to see if they can suggest you by pass roads for better roads.

We will though try to give better suggestion in future if Maa wants.

For a tour operator, kindly search the internet or elsewhere, we are currently not into tour operation or recommend someone on that.

Jai Maa

Indra Devi, Amritsar: Would like to know the correct procedure to visit the 9 Mata Jis and name of a good tour company who would organise such a trip.  entry point Amistrar,

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Feel free to post your comments and additions. We will screen and upload.

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