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Welcome to the Online Pictorial Tour of the Great Shri Amarnath Yatra!

Be with us till the end of this section for an amazing and adventerous tour with lots of quality pictures and details for not just the first time visitors but also those who go regularly to this great yatra to refresh their memories.

The Journey Path: Jammu Tawi- Pehelgaon- Holy Cave Shri Amarnath Yatra
(Coverage done in the year 2010)

Page 1: From the Rest of India-Jammu-Jawaharlal Nehru Tunnel, Kashmir

From the rest of India to Jammu Tawi:
The air route connects directly till Sri Nagar in Jammu and Kashmir. However maximum amount of yatris come through the railways mode from different parts of India and reach Jammu Tawi station in Jammu and Kashmir (the last railway station till Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of India).

Jammu Tawi to Pehelgaon (315Km):
From the Jammu Tawi station. The yatris either take buses or taxis from Jammu Tawi till Pehelgaon or Baltal. We will describe the onward journey till Pehelgaon which is the main path with historical relevance. The path from the holy cave till Baltal was built recently to reduce the walking journey. It would cost around Rs 500 through the bus and the Taxi would charge around double from Jammu till Pehelgaon.

On the way from Jammu to Pehelgaon, you will cross through beautiful sceneries all around. Mountains, rivers and valleys and more would make you a happy man free from the daily routine activities. However due to the terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir you may be stopped by the Army at many places to join together with the Army convoy that moves all the way from Jammu till pehelgaon and from the other side too at the same time. The private vehicles are stopped at various places and then allowed to move together even if the convoy is way behind.

The military convoy has a large number of trucks and jeeps which move in a series together. The 2 trucks shown above are a part.

A series of private vehicles halted by the army for the convoy to join in for security. Watch the halted series of vehicles from the other side of the mountain.

The famous Langars organized by various Donators are held all the way hundreds of kilometers before the Holy Cave. That is the level of devotiness of this pilgrimage. This langar was the first we saw and was close to Patni Top which was hundreds of kilometers away from the holy cave.

The main destinations you cover while going from Jammu to Pehelgaon are Udhampur, Kudd, Patnitop, Ramban, JawaharLal Nehru Tunnel, Sri Nagar, Anantnag. However if you go to Baltaal, you will go through Udhampur, Kudd, Patnitop, Ramban, JawaharLal Nehru Tunnel, Sri Nagar, Anantnag, Sonmarg and Baltal.

The picture above is taken at a famous hill station Patnitop which is also visited by many visitors when the come for the Vaishno Devi Yatra.

Don't stop much for what comes next every time supersedes the previous. Passing through the J.N Tunnel (The one they say that joins Kashmir with the rest of India. The scenic beauty increases even more once you cross the Jawaharlal Nehru Tunnel and enter Kashmir. Right they are who say, it is heaven on earth. And you dont need anyone to tell you that you entered Kashmir. when you enter you will know it yourself. Few distinguishing features: freshness! even less pollution than the rest of the mountain areas we see, clearer sunlight that reaches the ground. Better green shade of the lush green valleys and mountains, even more transparency in flowing water in the rivers and then the smiles you see across the locals makes you feel even more welcoming and friendly.

Next page starting the journey through the Kashmir Valley!

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amit patel baroda gujarat: its a wonderful effort for the pilgrims who cannot do the yatra of amarnathji. its experienced as the physical yatra. i m very thankful to the one who has made this wonderful pictorial yatra.
ADMIN: Thanks for the appreciation.

Rohit Thakker, delhi: Jul, 2012
Hi guys dis is rohit, jst cmpltd d yatra frm baltal. It ws awesm jai bhole bhandari.
tips 4 pilgrims
plz make d arrngmnt of smthng 2 eat at diffrnt intrvl also tk raincot lots of candies nt choclts sm salty etc.
glucose wud b mst imprnt.
glovs  etc.
hv a safe trip
try 2 climb on ur foot nt on horse ny baggi.

Subhadyuti Dutta from Kolkata.:  Tremendous flavour and breathtaking environment is still now at nunwan, in the way of pahalgaon-chandanwari route,natural beauty is superb!

abhishek, lucknow: om namah shivay.jai bhole shankar mujhe bhi bula lo jaldi se.

akola: in one time of life "Amarnathji" ki yata jarur kare, jindagi safal ho jayegi.
"jai bhole"

S.Varadarasan Madurai: Thank you, I am with my wife is visiting Amarnath cave temple this July and these pictures give us a lot of hope and confidence


Yash Kawadkar: Amla [m.p]: Thanks For the tips dude! Good Tips

Sahil Kumar Sharma Mumbai. : Could please just broadcast live vedio of Shri Amarnath Jee online. Aum Namah shivay.
Admin: It can be thought off for future, but currently it is too big a task for us. We are already behind in many updates. Thanks for your valuable suggestion though.

dharamkumar ugale dist.jalna: : Jai bholebhandari

sumesh bansal, Bathinda (Pb): best guide before going to amarnath yatra, thanks for providing the same.

sunny, naya nangal : jai bholenath ki


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Old man with artificial legs on this yatra! Shravan Kumar takes his mother on his shoulders, see the pics! A crippled does the yatra all by himself! not ready yet! not ready yet! Dandwat yatra all the way! Shri Amarnath Yatra- Complete online tour with historical relevance

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